7x24 Exchange International welcomes the second International Data Center Day!
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International Data Center Day March 25, 2020  | Powered by 7x24 Exchange International

7x24 Exchange International Welcomes the Second International Data Center Day!

The mission critical industry is incredibly vital, now more than ever. Today we invite you to share your enthusiasm for the profession and the mission it serves to keep things running.

March 25th is a day to celebrate, but the real initiative to bring awareness to our industry is year round. Join us on social media, and be sure to tag your posts with #intldatacenterday.

Finally, if you're home with school-aged children, why not show them what data centers do?
What is a Data Center? Resources
Complete with a downloadable presentation, videos, and FAQs

What is a Data Center

At Home Art Projects
Draw a picture in the cloud

Draw a Picture of the Cloud

Data Center of Tomorrow

Draw the Data Center of Tomorrow

Draw a Data Superhero

Draw a Data Superhero

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