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Fall 2015 Conference

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2015 Fall Conference Keynote

Theresa Payton

Big Data and the Internet of Things: Boon or Bust for Your Cybersecurity Efforts?

Theresa Payton
Former White House CIO, Cybersecurity Authority, Expert on Identity Theft and the Internet of Things

Theresa Payton on the Today Show 9/29/15.

Keynote Speakers

Fran Dramis

Moving Cyber Security to the Strategy Table

Fran A. Dramis
CEO, F. Dramis LLC and
Former CIO of BellSouth and Salomon Brothers

Soechgen Mulia

Yahoo! Evaporation Pond Design for Data Center Effectiveness

Soechgen Mulia
Construction Manager, Yahoo!

About The Conference

This conference is designed for anyone involved with 7×24 infrastructures – IT, data center, disaster recovery and network/ telecommunication managers, computer technologists, facility or building managers, supervisors and engineers.

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