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2015 Fall Conference
November 15-18, 2015
JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country
San Antonio, TX
Theme: Commitment to Excellence

Proposal Deadline: June 19, 2015

What is 7x24 Exchange?
Formed in 1989, 7x24 Exchange is the leading knowledge exchange for those who design, build, use and maintain mission-critical enterprise information infrastructures, aiming to improve end-to-end reliability by promoting dialogue among these groups. Founded on the belief that most professionals involved with End-to-End information infrastructures work in isolation when dealing with technical, budget, political, and career issues, 7x24 Exchange creates communications vehicles designed to promote dialogue among these groups and to advance the state-of-the-art in infrastructure reliability. With the information from these dialogues members can alert top management to the importance of proactive measures and help protect their companies' information lifeline. Open, trusting, formal and informal dialogue between members is key to achieving 7x24 Exchange's mission. Newsletters, Fax alerts, National Conferences, chapter meetings and a web-site at, are the primary vehicles used to promote this dialogue.


Conference Goals
In keeping with its founding assumptions and mission 7x24 Exchange believes new approaches, products, ideas, solutions and techniques related to improving End-to-End reliability emanate from varied functions, vendors, consultants and user/operators in structured and unstructured exchanges. As such, 7x24 Exchange Conferences include a broad variety of topics that impact End-to-End reliability in formal and informal settings. The content and structure of 7x24 Exchange Conferences are designed to encourage and facilitate such valuable dialogue and idea exchanges.


7x24 Exchange Conference Presentations - General

Application Process:
1. Review Conference Presentation Guidelines.
2. Submit a completed Proposal to 7x24 Exchange.
3. If necessary discuss/review presentation outline with 7x24 Exchange and, its Board of Directors.
4. Fulfill the requirements outlined in 7x24 Exchange Conference Presentation Guidelines.
5. Review selection criteria

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