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Why a 7x24 Exchange Chapter is important...

The Leading Knowledge Exchange

  • Education
    • Create a critical infrastructure degree program
    • Develop and promote best practices of Critical Infrastructure Ecosystem
  • Awareness
    • Promote dialogue among key stakeholders who design, build, use, and/or maintain mission-critical enterprise information infrastructure
    • Thought leadership, be the story tellers of our industry and state
  • Engagement
    • Forge partnerships between public and private sector leaders to drive economic growth
    • Strengthen our community by working with other existing professional associations

Next Event

7x24 Exchange Ohio Chapter Kick Off Meeting

We are excited to announce the 7x24 Exchange Ohio Chapter! Please join us for our kick off meeting this March at TopGolf Columbus. This will be an incredible networking opportunity. We will have a light buffet and drinks available.

About Us

7x24 Exchange International is the leading knowledge exchange for those who design, build, operate and maintain mission critical enterprise information infrastructures. The organization's goal is to improve end-to-end reliability by promoting dialogue among these groups. 7x24 Exchange is committed to addressing the challenges of sustainability and giving back through its social responsibility initiative. The new Ohio Chapter is currently seeking new members and organizations to join us in making a difference in the mission critical world in our local area. We are locally run in central Ohio and work with members from all over the state.

Mission Statement

The Leading Knowledge Exchange

For those that design, build, use, and maintain mission-critical enterprise information infrastructures. 7x24 Exchange's chapter goal is to promote dialogue and thought leadership among these key stakeholders.

We represent critical infrastructure providers in Ohio.

Vision of our 7x24 Chapter

  • Public-Private Partnership to drive positive outcomes
  • Thought Leadership - Be the story tellers of our industry and our state
  • Best Practices and promotion of Critical Infrastructure Ecosystem
  • Strengthen our Community by working with other existing Associations
  • Create a Critical Infrastructure degree program with Ohio's Colleges
  • Economic Development Priority - Work with our Elected officials to create and drive strategy for sustained regional economic growth

7x24 Exchange
Ohio Chapter
Attn: Stuart Spohn
251 Outerbelt St.
Columbus, OH
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