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Why a 7x24 Chapter is important
Lots of opinions but lets share the other facts!

The Leading Knowledge Exchange

  • Education
    • Create a critical infrastructure degree program
    • Develop and promote best practices of Critical Infrastructure Ecosystem
  • Awareness
    • Promote dialogue among key stakeholders who design, build, use, and/or maintain mission-critical enterprise information infrastructure
    • Thought leadership, be the story tellers of our industry and state
  • Engagement
    • Forge partnerships between public and private sector leaders to drive economic growth
    • Strengthen our community by working with other existing professional associations

Mission Statement

The Leading Knowledge Exchange

For those that design, build, use, and maintain mission-critical enterprise information infrastructures. 7x24 Exchange's chapter goal is to promote dialogue and thought leadership among these key stakeholders.

We represent critical infrastructure providers in Oregon & SW Washington.

Vision of our 7x24 Chapter

  • Public-Private Partnership to drive positive outcomes
  • Thought Leadership - Be the story tellers of our industry and our state
  • Best Practices and promotion of Critical Infrastructure Ecosystem
  • Strengthen our Community by working with other existing Associations
  • Create a Critical Infrastructure degree program with Oregon's Colleges
  • Economic Development Priority - Work with our Elected officials to create and drive strategy for sustained regional economic growth

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