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What is 7x24 Exchange?
7x24 Exchange International is a not-for-profit organization that provides an educational forum focusing on challenges faced by mission critical industry professionals. Founded in 1989 by a group of industry visionaries, 7x24 Exchange International has grown to include more than 300 member companies and 28 chapters. Members are as diverse as the industry itself and include firms within industries such as aerospace, energy, financial services, government, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, media, technology, and more. Through the expertise of its active membership, 7x24 Exchange is a leading provider of conferences enabling collaboration and knowledge sharing amongst industry professionals. 7x24 Exchange International is committed to addressing the challenges of energy efficiency and sustainability, providing continued value to member companies and conference participants and giving back through its social responsibility initiative.


Conference Goals
In keeping with its founding assumptions and mission 7x24 Exchange believes new approaches, products, ideas, solutions and techniques related to improving End-to-End reliability emanate from varied functions, vendors, consultants and user/operators in structured and unstructured exchanges. As such, 7x24 Exchange Conferences include a broad variety of topics that impact End-to-End reliability in formal and informal settings. The content and structure of 7x24 Exchange Conferences are designed to encourage and facilitate such valuable dialogue and idea exchanges.


Selection Criteria
1. The topic must be relevant to the theme of the conference.
2. Any proposal with sales overtones will be eliminated.
3. Proposals will be given priority in the following order:

  • Case studies with end user/client participation
  • Presentations provided by end users
  • Multiple vendor presentations on future technology without discussing particular products/services.
  • Panel presentations which portray many different perspectives of a particular topic.
  • Proposals on topics that are timely and compelling to members' interest
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