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Impact of COVID | JW Marriott Orlando Grande Lakes, Orlando FL

June 2022

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3 Reasons to Invest in your Critical Power

3 Reasons to Invest in your Critical Power Power failures and critical system outages are often front page news. New York City subways were recently impacted by one such system failure, possibly due to lead acid or nicad batteries – causing a major disruption for millions of daily commuters. And then there was the Arizona explosion in 2019 ...

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Meet a Member

Heather Bacci
Senior Sales Executive, LayerZero Power Systems

Heather Bacci Heather graduated from Chico State University with a BS in Business Management and a dream to go to Law School to become a trial attorney. While pursuing her dream, she took a “temp” job with Basic Measuring Instruments and fell into the data center industry by chance. She began her career as a manufacturer’s sales representative in Northern California. In this role, Heather was responsible for selling UPSs, STSs, PDUs, Power Monitors, and SPDs from multiple manufacturers...

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Every Day Is International Data Center Day | Celebrating March 22, 2023
Industry Headlines
An Immersion Cooling Epiphany
Source: Mission Critical Magazine

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Going Beyond Compliance: When Compliance Alone is Not Enough
Source: Data Center Frontier

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International Data Center Day

Conference Keynote
Confronting Reality – Leading Ahead of Disruption

Geoff Colvin Geoff Colvin
Senior Editor-at-Large Fortune, and
New York Times' Bestselling Author

Every day can bring harsh new surprises, economic and policy change, the competitor or new business model you never saw coming or game-changing technology. Competing in the friction-free economy has leaders worrying most about what they don't know...

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Rocky Mountain Chapter Awards Scholarships

7x24 Exchange Rocky Mounting Chapter The Rocky Mountain Chapter presented three $3,000 educational scholarships to very deserving students. The scholarships plant the seeds necessary to tackle the mission critical data center challenges of the future.

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