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September 2023

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Optimizing Data Centers: Tying It All Together

The Top 3 Ways To Save Power & Cut Costs in Data Centers Most if not all organizations are seeking to maximize their computing capabilities while controlling energy consumption. Today's data-driven environment demands efficient and immediate access to applications, information data and data analysis. The optimization of data center energy infrastructure has emerged as a critical component in the reduction of a facility's carbon footprint while working to meet digital demand...

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Meet a Member

Karen Petersburg
Design Director, Digital Realty

Karen Petersburg Karen Petersburg is a Design Director at Digital Realty, leading cross-functional and intra-departmental teams that prioritizes sustainability and innovation within a standardized design environment. Primarily focused on the quality control of global designs and processes, she works with internal teams to positively impact the business's overall objectives and goals...

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Sustainability Opportunities | 2023 Fall Conference | October 8-11 2023
Industry Headlines
Report Shows Data Centers Can Drive Clean Energy Transition
Source: Mission Critical Magazine

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AI, Liquid Cooling And The Data Center Of The Future
Source: Forbes

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Every Day Is International Data Center Day | Celebrating April 22, 2023
7x24 Exchange 2023 Fall Conference

Tuesday Keynote: Can you Handle the Heat? Data Center Cooling Considerations in Machine Learning, Deep Learning and AI Applications

Phill Lawson-Shanks Phill Lawson-Shanks
Chief Innovation and Technology Officer
Aligned Data Centers

The proliferation of Deep Learning (DL), Machine Learning (ML), and Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) is fast becoming a driver of data center growth, innovation, and optimization. The infrastructure and engineering teams required to house and run these workloads require data center providers to accommodate surges in density and processing capacity utilization, as well as a reimagined cluster network infrastructure...

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7x24 Exchange Chapter Event Calendar

7x24 Exchange Chapter Event Calendar Get involved with one of our 28 chapters... both virtual and in person events are happening soon near you!

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