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 Shawn Mills      
Shawn Mills
Green House Data


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Shawn Mills is the President of Green House Data. Shawn has been chosen as a featured speaker for his industry leadership at events, including Data Center World and the National Center for Super Computing Applications. He has built his broad experience in the technology and telecommunications industry since 1999. He was the founder of a Voice Over Internet Protocol company in 2001 that raised $4.5 million in venture capital. After being acquired in under a year during the Internet boom, Mr. Mills subsequently developed the voice over broadband strategy for the ensuing company. Since, that time Mr. Mills has held roles as the Senior Vice President of Product Development and Product Marketing for iDial Networks(now GlobalNet technologies) based in Houston, Texas. Shawn was a founding member of the Cerento, Inc. management team and Director of Marketing at Wyoming.com. Before founding Green House Data, he launched Wyoming's first tech-based advocacy association, the Wyoming Technology Organization.