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March 2022

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Medium-Voltage Cabling Quality

Corporate Sustainability Seems Elusive. How Can It Help?
The rise in data center usage bolstered by the move to remote work and distance learning has put pressure on data center owners to deliver facilities faster while increasing capacity. Today's mission critical facilities require increasing amounts of power, which lends itself to the use of medium voltage (MV) equipment and cabling in many data center designs...

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International Data Center Day

International Data Center Day is March 23!

International Data Center Day - Activities
We are excited to see the growing list of activities being planned around this year's International Data Center Day celebration! Be sure to add these events to your calendar and share them with colleagues, friends, and family members.

March 16
Working in the Cloud: Preparing for a Data Center Career Spotlight on Mentoring
March 1 - 23
Data Centers Sleeve Up Blood Drive
March 23
7x24 Exchange International Chapter events sponsored by the Greater Washington DC, Lake Michigan Region, Philadelphia, and others.
And the list keeps growing...

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You Can Participate Too!

From offering tours of data centers to participating in our mentoring program to posting one of our badges on your site or social media, industry professionals can share the wide world of data centers with the next generation.

Learn How You Can Participate

Impact of COVID | JW Marriott Orlando Grande Lakes, Orlando FL
Industry Headlines

Top 10 Cloud Computing Stories: February 2022
Source: ITPro Today

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The State of the Grid: Understanding the Power Paradigm Shift
Source: Data Center Frontier

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International Data Center Day March 25, 2020  | Powered by 7x24 Exchange International
Meet a Member

Donald Mitchell
Mission Critical Division Manager, Victaulic

Bill Mazzetti
As the Mission Critical Division Manager for Victaulic, Don works with the global data center industry developing liquid distribution systems in and around data centers to be more sustainable, reliable, and cost effective by advancing success of offsite manufacturing and DfMA – Design for manufacture and assembly. His role as Open Compute Project (OCP) Cooling Environments (CE) Project co-lead has similar objectives...

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Meet the Women of WiMCO

The 7x24 Exchange Women in Mission Critical Operations community aims to increase the engagement and participation of women in the data center industry. The WiMCO Committee established in 2016, conducts educational and networking events at national conferences and virtually throughout the year. Currently there are 14 WiMCO Communities within 7x24 Exchange International's chapters.

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7x24 Exchange Chapter Event Calendar

7x24 Exchange Chapter Event Calendar
Get involved with one of our 28 chapters... both virtual and in person events are happening soon near you!

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