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WiMCO Committee

WiMCO activities and endeavors are guided by professionals from industry-leading organizations.

WiMCO Committee


Juli Ierulli
Strategic Account Manager – Midwest, Environmental Air Systems, LLC
Vice President, 7×24 Exchange International

Committee Members

April Becerra
Project Engineer
JE Dunn

Larisa Dalton
Product Marketing
Johnson Controls, Inc

Lauren Foster
Electric Engineer
AKF Group

Angie Garza
Head of Global Procurement

Mary Glynn
EVP of Data Centers
TLM Group, LLC

Sarah Godbehere

Charlotte Lamping
Project Manager – Business Sector
Henderson Engineers

Amy Landis
Design Manager
DPR Construction

Ashlyn McGovern
Manager of Marketing
Theseus Professional Services

Kathy Noe
Senior Project Manager
Evans General Contractors

Arielle Noren
Business Development Associate
The Weitz Company

Jackie Pasierbowicz

Zara Perciful
Assistant Project Manager
HITT Contracting, Inc.

Aheli Purkayastha
Director of Product Management
Purkay Labs

Melissa Reali-Elliott
Content Marketing Manager

Maria Schirm
CST Tri-Venture

Emily Sherry

Business Development Manager


Kathleen Dolci
Director of Chapter & Member Relations

Tara Oehlmann
Program Director & Editor, 7×24 Exchange Magazine