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We are pleased to provide a session video recording from the Fall 2021 Conference held in Phoenix, AZ, October 24-27, 2021

Keynote: Phishing, Ransomware and the New World Order

Kevin Kealy, Chief Information Security Officer, Scientific Games

This talk will dive into the new challenges that we all face in the new post-COVID world. From remote workforces to the newly sophisticated phishing, whaling and spear-phishing attacks to the scary phenomenon of ransomware. As we saw from Solar Winds and Colonial Oil, it’s increasingly obvious that it’s a case of “when, not if” you’ll be affected. So what can be done to protect yourselves, and if the worst happens, what can be done? With tales from the trenches, Kevin will explain some of the headline-grabbers from recent months, and as usual, will offer actionable advice and concrete suggestions for work in this new, strange and distributed world. Covering topics from email to Cloud, this talk will take a deep look at Information Security in the new 7×24 environment, and what changes we can expect in the near future.

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