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The leading knowledge exchange for Data Center, IT and Mission Critical professionals.


7×24 Exchange’s goal is to improve end-to-end reliability by promoting dialog among those who design, build, operate and maintain mission critical enterprises and informational infrastructures.

You can be certain 7×24 Exchange will keep your company informed about the many new developments taking place in the rapidly changing world of mission critical infrastructures. Membership will allow you and your fellow employees to learn new ideas, attend informative workshops, hear challenging speakers and make meaningful contacts.


Member Benefits

» National Conference Discount – Members enjoy a discounted conference rate.  Membership is by company so any employee of a member company can enjoy the member rate.

» 7×24 TV – Members receive unlimited access to all recorded conference video footage.

» 7×24 Magazine Digital Subscription – Members receive biannual issues of 7×24 Exchange’s industry journal providing solutions to cutting edge issues facing data center professionals.

» Info Exchange – Members enjoy a monthly e-newsletter with what’s going on in and around the 7×24 Exchange community. From national news to chapter activities to WiMCO happenings and Industry Headlines, Info Exchange is the goto source for everything 7×24 Exchange!

» Webinar Series – Members receive complimentary access to the Webinar Series where expert leaders provide timely content. Recordings will remain available to members for 12 months after each session.

» Career Center – Members have access to an online interactive Career Center which provides job seekers and employers the tools necessary to maximize their employment search and placement needs.

» Knowledge Base – Members enjoy access to mission critical industry-specific white papers, case studies and videos posted by peers in the industry.

Please contact us at 646-486-3818 if you have any questions or require additional information. We look forward to welcoming you and your company as a member of 7×24 Exchange International.

Membership is by company only.
To find out if your company is already a member, please contact 7×24 at (646) 486-3818.

7×24 Exchange International offers seven types of membership as noted below:
Membership is by company only. To find out if your company is already a member, please contact 7×24 at (646) 486-3818.
Membership Type *Cost (per year) Membership Description
End User $400 A company that operates or maintains mission critical technology and enterprise information infrastructures for internal use.
**Companies that can be considered as an End User or a Vendor will be classified a Vendor organization.
**Companies that can be considered as an End User or a Consultant will be classified a Consultant organization.
Vendor $1000 A company that sells or distributes products and/or services to the mission critical industry.
Consultants $1000 A company that provides professional advice or consulting services for a fee in the mission critical industry.
Media $400 A company that disseminates news to the mission critical industry.
Government Agency $400 Includes agencies of international, local or regional levels of government responsible for the planning and/or economic development of public areas for the mission critical market.
Industry Partner $400 Peer organizations in the mission critical industry.
Nonprofit Organization $400 Organizations with a 501 (c)3 or 501 (c)6 IRS classification.

*Membership fee includes unlimited members from the same organization.
*Individuals working for a Vendor or Consulting company can be classified as End Users depending upon the individual’s primary responsibilities for conference purposes only.

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