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7x24 Exchange AIMS Mentoring Program

AIMS 475x300Rev1The Data Center industry is in a constant state of change. Learning is never complete and demand for qualified, experienced critical infrastructure specialists continues to grow. Yet, the next generation of potential mission critical professionals is dwindling. Sharing your knowledge through the 7×24 Exchange International Mentoring Program will be rewarding to you the mentor and participating protégés. Shape the next generation of mission critical professionals by sharing your passion for the mission critical industry and make a difference!

About the Program

The Mentor/Protégé Program provides students and early career professionals with opportunities to receive meaningful 1-on-1 career guidance from a  practicing industry professional. Conversations within this program may center on career goals and aspirations, competency improvement and sharing of general knowledge of the mission critical operations field. The time commitment is generally an hour per month.

How to Proceed

If you are interested in participating in the program as a mentor or protégé, read through the details below, then submit the interest form at the bottom of this page.

Mentor Details

Mentor Roles and Responsibilities

  • Mentors provide developing students and early career professionals with the support necessary to advance their career.
  • A mentor is someone who’s knowledge and experience provides tools to develop the protégé and ensure professional growth.
  • Helping a student advance in his/her career is undoubtedly a rewarding experience which provides data center industry professionals with the opportunity to “give back.”
  • Taking the time to get to know and respect a young mission critical industry professional and share your experiences is a powerful way to impact the future of the industry.

Mentor Eligibility, Requirements and Recommendations:

  • Have at least five years of industry experience.
  • Ability to mentor 1-2 protégés  per academic year.
  • Meet with protégé for a minimum of one hour, once per semester.  Meetings can be video conference, in person or by phone. More frequent informal communication is encouraged as personal schedules allow.
  • Commit to being accessible and engaged for the duration of the one year mentoring relationship.
  • Be willing to share your personal and professional experience, insights, and network with your protégé.
  • We recommend attending the 7×24 Exchange International Spring and Fall Conferences and chapter events that gather protégé and mentors together.
  • Be a good listener, have a sense of humor, and enjoy your mentoring experience.

* Mentors don’t have to live in the respective state of the protégé in order to participate.

Protégé Details

Protégé Roles and Responsibilities

  • Establish effective communication with mentor
  • Be proactive in seeking advice from an outside source in his or her career of choice
  • Open to advice and feedback
  • Be prepared when attending mentor session with notes, goals, progress information
  • Develop an individual or personal growth plan with a timeline of goals and progress
  • Seek guidance and advice of a trained, experienced professional in the areas of career expectations and demands
  • Willingness to share information on academic struggles in career-related topics with their mentor in and effort to receive advice/counseling that will be beneficial in their academic and/or professional success.
  • Be respectful of time allotments, confidentiality, and punctuality for meeting sessions

Protégé Eligibility and Requirements

  • Students, 18 and over, that have declared a major and are actively pursuing their degree in an MCO field. Students who are under the age of 18 must get permission from their parents or legal guardians to participate.
  • Early Career professionals with an interest in advancing their career in the MCO field
  • Commitment to meet with mentor as required throughout the one-year period

* Protégés do not have to live in the respective state of the mentor in order to participate.

Additional Resources/Contact Info

Program Flyer for Protégés
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Program Flyer for Mentors
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General Information Flyer
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Program Coordinators
Michael Swetz, Program Coordinator

Denman Wall, Program Administrator

Mentor/Protégé Interest Form
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7x24 Exchange has partnered with NCMCO, which has a curriculum that integrates the mentoring program and we need to know if you're participating in that curriculum. Member schools include Cleveland Community College, Southern Regional Technical College, Nash Community College, Wake Tech Community College and UNC Charlotte.

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