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Meet a Member – Carrie Goetz
Global Director Technology, Paige DataCom Solutions

Carrie Goetz - Meet a Member

Carrie Goetz is the Global Director of Technology at Paige DataCom Solutions. She joins Paige with over 30 years of experience in all facets of IT and facilities. She is globally published and speaks at Industry events globally. She holds and RCDD/NTS, CDCP and is a 1st degree Infrastructure Mason. Carrie has had 40 certifications throughout her career and holds an MBA. She is on the AFCOM board of advisors, Cnet Technical Curriculum Advisor Board, Vice Chairman and Liaison for STEM to AATC, a member of WIMCO, 7×24 Mentoring program and champions women in data centers and technology platforms. Carrie is published in over 250 publications in 69 countries and has designed and worked in mission critical environments around the globe.

How I Got Into Mission Critical Operations

I totally “fell” into mission critical climbing my way through several IT roles. I was a consultant for many years growing networking teams when networking was in its infancy. Of course, networking led to data centers and when I became a director, I inherited some data centers. Luckily through my consulting duties, I knew the “ins and outs” of how devices speak. I have always been eager to take on a new challenge and learn something new. That is probably the best quality in technology – constant change.

Bridging Silos Between Facilities and IT

Through speaking engagements and user meetings, it has been a pleasure to bridge the silos that exist between facilities and the other areas of IT. In fact, my recent keynote at 7×24 Exchange was designed to do just that. I believe that the data center is an ecosystem and all areas are equally important in the economical operation for the good of a business. This is a very cyclical industry and in my career, I have seen several things come full circle. The most recent from centralized to decentralized to centralized and now decentralized with edge compute requirements. I also believe that the data center has changed drastically through edge and power considerations are different with self-healing/failover applications.

WiMCO and STEM Initiatives

During my work and travels, I have seen few women in IT compared to our male counterparts. I firmly believe that diversity is important I also believe that without encouragement at a young age and exposure to technology as a career path, that there is always room for improvement. To that end, I’m so proud to be a member of WIMCO and this great group of women. STEM is finally getting the attention needed and women in STEM is gaining focus. We have some great plans! It’s wonderful that 7×24 Exchange has given us a platform to encourage the next round of young women to consider mission critical careers.

“We have some great plans! It’s wonderful that 7×24 Exchange has given us a platform to encourage the next round of young women to consider mission critical careers.”

-Carrie Goetz