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Meet a Member – Chris Crosby
Founder and CEO of Compass Datacenters

Chris CrosbyChris Crosby is the founder and CEO of Compass Datacenters and has over 25 years of technology and real estate experience. Prior to starting Compass, Chris served as a senior executive and founding member of Digital Realty Trust. He has also had roles at CRG West, predecessor to CoreSite, and was active for the formative years of his career at Nortel Networks in research and development and sales. Mr. Crosby received a B.S. degree in Computer Sciences from the University of Texas at Austin.

 Working with 7×24 Exchange

I’ve been attending and speaking at 7×24 Exchange conferences since my time at Digital Realty. I’ve found these experiences invaluable due to the level of commitment to mission critical data centers on the part of each conference’s attendees. Unlike other gatherings within the data center arena, the agendas for 7×24 have always provided an unmatched level of depth regarding the examination of industry issues and trends that fosters an environment conducive to the free exchange of information and ideas. Although you’d think that after over almost 20 years in the business I would be well-versed in all things data centers, I never fail to leave a 7×24 conference without feeling that I’ve learned something of value that can be applied to our business here at Compass.

7×24 and the Future of Data Center Education

For the past few years, I’ve served as the Vice Chair of the board for the Masters in Datacenter Systems Engineering degree program at Southern Methodist University. Working on the curriculum for the first master’s degree in data centers was a daunting challenge. Our industry touches so many facets including real estate, building construction, mechanical and electrical, networking, hardware and software. SMU was a perfect location in the Lyle School of Engineering to establish this degree program. The degree program participants remain current on the wide variety of subjects that are driving the future of the data center industry, and every student is encouraged to join and actively participate their local 7×24 chapter. SMU has been active in 7×24, and I look forward to the next generations of leaders to come from the program.