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Meet a Member – Deepa Mehrotra, P.E., LEED AP BD+C
Infrastructure Solutions, Amazon Web Services

DeepaDeepa Mehrotra, P.E., LEED AP BD+C is an electrical engineer with over 15 years of experience focused on delivering innovative, high quality solutions for mission critical data centers. She currently works in the Infrastructure Solutions team of Amazon Web Services, designing MEP products to be deployed in data centers. She loves focusing on customer needs and delivering results, along with tackling challenging problems. Prior to AWS, Deepa was native to the NY/NJ area and worked for consulting engineering firms, including EYP Mission Critical Facilities, DLB, and Bala. From her perspective, “Every piece of my career has been the right move for me at that time, and I have learned from and grown from each of those experiences.”

Deepa is a professional engineer with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Tufts University and a MBA from New York University.

How did you get involved with engineering?

“From a young age, I loved to build. When I was in middle school, my father, an electrical engineer and longtime 7×24 Exchange member, was involved with the ground up construction of a building, and I was fascinated seeing the ‘big hole in the ground’ become the foundation for a massive building. Through ‘Take Your Daughter to Work’ days I visited the interior of the building numerous times throughout the year and knew I wanted to go into engineering and be involved in building design.”

Why were you interested in joining WIMCO?

“I was interested in becoming a WiMCO committee member for 7×24 Exchange International because I believe in empowering women. In an industry where a woman may be the only female in a meeting, or even on a project, it’s great to be part of a community where females in the mission critical field can share our knowledge and experiences and learn from one another to be more successful and empowered in our lives and careers.”

“I also love the WIMCO initiatives related to International Data Center Day and STEM. In college, part of our “Nerd Girls” senior project was not only working on a solar car, but taking the car to youth programs and introducing young children to engineering. All these years later, I can still see the excitement on their faces and the wheels in their heads turning as they thought ‘Hey, maybe I could do this?’ These types of STEM initiatives are invaluable in inspiring future generations to engineering.”

“Every piece of my career has been the right move for me at that time, and I have learned from and grown from each of those experiences.”

-Deepa Mehrotra