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Meet a Member – Dr. Rochelle Price
VP of Shared Services
Miller Electric Company

Rochelle PriceDr. Rochelle Bailey Price is the VP of Shared Services at Miller Electric Company, a leader in providing data center solutions. Rochelle is the leader of the administrative operations as well as a leader with fellow Senior VP’s in-Service Operations serving many industries and customers that include mission critical space across the country.

While attending college at Valdosta State University her love of technology began with dial up networking technology in the 90’s. She quickly rose to building redundant Telcom networks as a project manager in the early 2000’s until the bubble burst in 2003. During this time, she was able to visit the large Fortune 100 data centers and was in awe at the potential the future held. During the down time of the early 2000’s Rochelle focused on education again and added to her BA in Management with an MBA from Valdosta State University. In 2020 Rochelle went on to finish her Doctorate in Business Administration, with a focus in Leadership.

How She Got Involved in Mission Critical Operations

After graduating, Rochelle moved to Jacksonville, FL, a necessary move to grow her career in technology. After a few years in a few failed startups, she found her way to a Chief Operating position at a startup in a retail data center with an old colleague from the telecom days. It was a huge risk; the company had a very small budget, but the bones of the building were good and the opportunity was hair raising. Over the next five and a half years Rochelle would become one of the very few women leading the operations of a data center. Rochelle managed every aspect of the data center: cooling, space management, vendor management, critical maintenance, telecommunications continuity, power redundancy, a network operations center, and mission critical equipment. Colo5, the retail data center in Jacksonville, FL, hosted 7×24 meetings.

Rochelle and her partner would go on to build a new data center and sell their business for $23M to Cologix. Rochelle stayed with Cologix for another year and a half assisting in the transition and ensuring that the customers, employees, and service was smooth and seamless.

Rochelle came to Miller Electric Company in 2016 because she believes they are the best in class when it comes to providing Mission Critical services. As a prior customer she brings a unique perspective to the table. Her expertise in administrative operations, service operations, and many aspects of business help her to have a well-rounded view and valuable input and executive leadership.

Participation in 7×24 Exchange
Rochelle is a member of 7×24 Exchange International and understands the value this organization brings to innovative ideas, collaborative thoughts, and meaningful connections in the mission critical space. She is incredibly supportive of Miller Electrics’ support and active involvement in 7×24 Exchange across the country. As a new member of the 7×24 Exchange International Women in Mission Critical Operations (WiMCO) Committee, Rochelle is dedicated to the expansion of WiMCO across all 7×24 Exchange groups across the country to encourage women to be involved and be part of the conversations and collaborate. She is passionate about her involvement in her subcommittee within WiMCO around International Data Center Day and the spread of education in data centers among young people and the incredible opportunities that exist in the STEM field.