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Meet a Member – Dustin Phillips
Vice President of Operations, Thermo Systems

Dustin PhillipsDustin Phillips is Vice President of Operations with a focus on the Mission Critical space at Thermo Systems, a global, full-service control systems integration partner providing world-class automation solutions. Dustin’s role places him at the heart of Thermo Systems’ dedication to managing and delivering turnkey mission critical projects to Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) firms, Architect-Engineer (AE) firms, and general contracting firms, emphasizing customized end-user solutions.

Dustin’s role as Vice President entails a wide array of responsibilities, from overseeing day to day operations to guiding teams toward operational excellence and innovation. Dustin’s people-first approach always embraces different perspectives while keeping teams cohesive and moving in the same, progress-oriented direction.

Dustin’s leadership outlook is rooted in making his colleague’s far-ranging tasks more feasible and focused. For leaders like Dustin, this means a commitment to removing operational roadblocks, always considering new concepts and strategies, and persistently awarding innovative approaches in the ever-evolving Mission Critical landscape. Dustin finds value in balancing established best practices with forward-looking advancements and enhancements in operational capabilities that address tomorrow’s problems today.

Career Path in the Mission Critical Industry
Dustin embarked on his professional journey two decades ago, beginning in the Water & Wastewater industry with a focus on control systems. His career trajectory took him through various industries, including OEM, machine manufacturing and aerospace, before joining Thermo Systems in early 2014.

Dustin’s early years at Thermo Systems involved working on projects in the District Energy and Life Science space. However, Dustin’s expertise across cogeneration, chiller plants, and HVAC systems was showcased in projects for Molycorp (MP Materials) and NASA. Six years ago, he transitioned into the mission critical space, quickly becoming a pivotal figure in data center operations.

Achievements and Philosophies
Throughout the course of his distinguished career, Dustin has overseen more than 2 Gigawatts of data center space globally across projects in the United States and Europe. An ISA Certified Automation Professional, he has made significant contributions to his field, highlighted by several key accomplishments.

First and foremost, Dustin has helped build and grow robust, capable teams adept at tackling technically challenging projects. This includes a dedication to mentoring junior team members and engineers and fostering a new generation of industry leaders. Dustin’s commitment to the professional growth of those around him means his impact on Thermo Systems and its customers will be felt for decades.

Dustin’s dedication to Thermo Systems’ customers is equally comprehensive. Throughout his tenure, he has been a pioneer in developing tailored solutions to meet specific client needs, emphasizing a commitment to customer success. Notably, part and parcel of this success is cultivating close, ongoing relationships with customers – a warmth and openness Dustin also extends to general contractors, vendors, and subcontractors.

His professional mantra, “Embracing innovation – leading change,” reflects a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of innovation and adaptability in the face of industry shifts.

Community Engagement and Future Outlook
Dustin sees his engagement with 7×24 Exchange as providing a valuable platform for exchanging ideas with other industry leaders and enhancing his understanding of Mission Critical operations. His enthusiasm for data center work is fueled by the sector’s dynamic nature, including its scale, technological advancements, and rapid market developments.

Guidance for Aspiring Professionals
Dustin views the mission critical space as ripe with professional growth and advancement opportunities. He encourages young professionals to enter the industry, highlighting the rewarding experience of being part of the technical revolution. The industry also offers elevated job security, as it represents a sector that will continue to be crucial, and therefore economically viable, for the foreseeable future.

Dustin Rock Climbing
Dustin reaching the summit.