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Meet a Member – Michelle Reed
Key Account Manager for Data Centers

Michelle ReedMichelle Reed is the Key Account Manager for Data Centers at Shermco. Her focus is growing Shermco’s presence in the Data Center sector across the United States. Shermco is North America’s largest and fastest-growing electrical testing organization accredited by the International Electrical Testing Association (NETA). Shermco offers electrical testing, maintenance, and electrical engineering solutions. The company brings a comprehensive understanding of international electrical power standards and industry requirements combined with decades of customer experience.

Michelle has over 11 years of experience in Mission Critical and holds her Certified TIA-942 Design Consultant (CTDC) accreditation. She has business development experience in new build, renovation, and maintenance projects focusing on critical power, critical infrastructure, load bank testing solutions, and NETA Electrical testing.

She grew up in Bloomington, IL, and moved to Chicago after college, where she spent most of her career. In 2000, when she felt an inner drive pulling her out west to enjoy all the outdoor activities, she moved to Denver, Colorado. After enjoying living in Colorado for 8 years, she returned to Chicago in 2008 to be closer to family. She now resides back in Bloomington and when she is not in an airport, travels to Chicago frequently.

How I got Involved in Mission Critical Operations

I essentially “fell” into mission critical. When I was looking at opportunities within technology in 2012, an acquaintance of mine who worked at OmniMetrix reached out to me and informed me they were looking for Regional Sales Managers and asked if I would be interested. I knew from doing my research that Mission Critical was a growing industry and this was the opportunity I was looking for. I made the decision and jumped in feet first. In this role, I was responsible for selling OmniMetrix’s wireless remote Modbus monitors for generators. From there, I went on to provide temporary load bank testing solutions with ComRent; critical power solutions with Concentric; and now NETA Electrical Testing with Shermco.

Involvement in 7×24 Exchange

I have been involved in 7×24 Exchange for 7 years. I was attending the Data Center Dynamics conference in Chicago in 2015 when I was introduced to the president of the 7×24 Exchange Lake Michigan Region Chapter. He asked if I would like to join the board as Secretary and without hesitation I said, “Yes.” In 2020, I moved into the Vice President position on the Board and hold that position currently. “Being involved in 7×24 Exchange has been one of the best things for my career in mission critical. I regularly attend regional and national conferences and the value you get from networking with your peers, developing lasting personal and professional relationships, and keeping up with the greatest developments in our data center industry is priceless.”

I am also on the golf committee as one of the pioneers in establishing our successful annual sold out 7×24 Exchange Lake Michigan Region golf tournament for the last 6 years.

Women in Mission Critical Operations

I was pivotal in starting our 7×24 Exchange Lake Michigan Region Chapter WiMCO (Women in Mission Critical Operations) community officially in 2023, added 13 dynamic ladies to our committee, and recently held our WiMCO Kickoff Event.

In all my time in the Mission Critical Industry and being on the 7×24 Board, our Kickoff Event was the greatest number of women I have seen at a Chicago area Data Center event. I cannot wait to see what we can accomplish for our local WiMCO Community in 2023.

“Being involved in 7×24 Exchange has been one of the best things for my career in mission critical…”

-Michelle Reed