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Meet a Member – Peter Curtis
Founder & Chief Executive Officer, PMC Group One

Peter CurtisPeter Curtis is a mission critical visionary, thought leader, innovator, and educator.  He was destined to be an innovator and lead mission critical automation endeavors. Peter was motivated from events beginning at an early age such as being born with low vision, providing care for his brother with Muscular Dystrophy from the age of 6 into adulthood, and being involved in the September 11, 2001, WTC Tower tragedy.  His path and vision were clear because of these profound events.

How Peter got involved with mission critical operations

To be most impactful, he founded PMC Group One, LLC, an Engineering, Research, Technology, Education, Energy and Analytics Company in 1998. Since this time, Peter has been at the forefront of developing new technology innovations that have influenced  the industry for products such as Mission Critical Access, GreenBUS, and SmartWALK™, along with the development of an educational content/learning management system (LMS), all to reduce human error, improve energy security for the digital society and also to address the near term challenges to capture the knowledge of retiring mission critical professionals and transition to new mission critical talent.

He graduated from New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electro-Mechanical Computer Technology, then he received his Master of Science Degree in Energy Management from NYIT in 1994. Peter has over thirty years of experience working in the Mission Critical Engineering industry in the areas of Banking/Finance, Defense, Electric/Water Utilities, Transportation, Energy Management, Data Centers, and Education.

Participating in 7×24 Exchange

Peter is passionate about contributing to the mission critical arena, connecting with peers and staying ahead of the curve on new technology and trends. 7×24 Exchange has been an amazing forum over the years to bring together top minds, to share experiences, and to educate each other. Being a speaker or contributing to a panel always gets Peter’s energy bubbling, as he is always excited to discuss anything mission critical and to contribute to or share experiences to enrich dialogue and especially encourage, drive, and motivate new mission critical team members. 7×24 Exchange conferences and events have been a highly effective way to learn, share and educate, and he remains committed to participate and contribute to many 7×24 Exchange events globally in the future.

Commitment to Education & Developing New Mission Critical Leaders

During his career, Peter has been an avid mission critical educator and his contribution has included serving as professor for multiple universities. One of his greatest passions has been with developing an innovative industry leading mentorship program, cultivating key industry talent that includes mentoring well over 500 interns over the years. Likewise, he created one of the most comprehensive Mission Critical Learning Management Systems, containing current industry content for on-going learning and professional self-improvement. In addition, he has written multiple books that have served as the industry standard globally reaching tens of thousands industry professionals and students.

“7×24 Exchange has been an amazing forum over the years to bring together top minds, to share experiences and to educate each other.”

-Peter Curtis

Since 1994, Peter has been an associate professor at NYU, Marist College, and New York Institute of Technology (NYIT). He is a member of the NYIT President’s Advisory Board and NYIT Engineering Technology Innovation Center (ETIC) Advisory Board, focusing on hands-on research and product execution for the Smart Grid and Cyber Security Industries. Likewise, he is a shareholder of DCPRO, where he contributed his original educational content.

The author of five books and numerous articles and white papers on mission critical facilities operations, Peter is a frequent speaker at 7 x 24 Exchange, IFMA, AFE, DCD, AFCOM, BOMA, International Union of Operating Engineers. He also serves as an educational advisor for AFE and has provided briefings to the White House on critical infrastructure protection.