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Meet a Member – Sarah Turner
Account Executive at ZAVTEK

Sarah TurnerSarah Turner serves as an Account Executive at ZAVTEK, a provider of electrical power quality equipment and maintenance services. In her role, she works with mission critical facilities that cannot afford downtime, such as data centers, high-tech manufacturing, and hospitals. Sarah highlights the excellence of her team and their dedication to ensuring the reliability and efficiency of electrical power solutions tailored to each client’s specific needs.

Background and Entry to the Industry
Growing up, Sarah observed her mother take on the challenge of starting a company while raising six kids. She was amazed by her mother’s courage in taking risks and working diligently to build something meaningful. Years later, her mom was diagnosed with MS, and her father transitioned from being a sleep technologist to managing the family business alongside her. Early on, Sarah learned firsthand the value of teamwork, perseverance, and hard work. It became evident that armed with these qualities, one can achieve great things.

Driven by her passion for connecting with people, Sarah received her degree in psychology, ultimately to pursue a career in sales. During her post-graduation job search, she interviewed with ZAVTEK and found herself instantly intrigued by data centers – a world she initially knew nothing about. Describing her entry into the industry as serendipitous, Sarah emphasizes how it has proven to be an amazing career for both personal and professional growth. She realized that wonderful things could come from unexpected journeys, and you can find passion in places you never knew existed.

Sarah at a WiMCO event
Sarah at the WiMCO Tech Summit.

Involvement in the Industry and 7×24 Exchange
Sarah’s journey with 7×24 Exchange took a significant turn during the 2022 Fall conference, where a WiMCO® panel discussion on the first national Data Center Young Professional (DCYP) group ignited a passion within her. In January 2023, she co-founded the 2nd DCYP group in the nation, followed by establishing a Seattle chapter a few months later with peers she met at the local 7×24 Exchange Northwest Chapter events. Both groups have thrived, each with over 100 members in the past year. The creation of the DCYP group holds a special place in Sarah’s heart.

Over the past year, Sarah actively volunteered at various local 7×24 Exchange events, including their golf tournament aimed at fundraising for their scholarship program that donates to Blue Mountain Community College Data Center Technician program. She also became a member of her local WiMCO® Community and recently joined the 7×24 Exchange International marketing committee. 7×24 Exchange played a crucial role in building Sarah’s confidence within the industry.

Sarah at the Golf event.
Sarah at a golf event.