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Meet a Member – Trevor Blank
Data Center Program Senior Director and Partner
Thermo Systems

Trevor BlankTrevor Blank is a Data Center Program Senior Director and Partner at Thermo Systems, a leading company specializing in control systems integration within the mission critical space, specifically BMS/EPMS solutions. In his role, Trevor spearheads Thermo Systems’ growth within the industry by overseeing and leading various mission critical projects and teams at the program level.

Known for his dedication to client satisfaction and project success, Trevor is highly regarded by Thermo clients for consistently delivering exceptional results. In his nearly 22 years of experience with Thermo Systems, he has become an expert in preconstruction and construction processes for mission critical, HVAC (BMS/EPMS) applications, central plants, cogeneration, and microgrid control systems. Trevor has played a crucial role in establishing and providing technical leadership for Thermo Systems’ mission critical practice, serving hyperscale, enterprise, and colocation clients across North America.

Career Path in the Mission Critical Industry

During the early stages of his career, Trevor acquired a strong technical background in the electrical construction and automation industries working as a Journeyman Electrician. Trevor then joined Thermo Systems in 2001 as a control systems engineer. Initially, he focused on district energy and life sciences projects, showcasing his commitment and passion as an application engineer and project manager. This dedication led him to become Team Lead and ultimately Director for Thermo Systems’ core industries, serving district energy, life sciences, and mission critical customers. In this role, he provided immense value by leading preconstruction efforts and then leveraged his construction experience to mitigate project risks during installation. Through these experiences, Trevor developed effective project leadership and management strategies applicable to multiple industries.

In 2018, Trevor shifted his focus to the mission critical industry, taking on the role of Senior Director of Programs in Salt Lake City, UT. In this position, he applied his project leadership and management skills to oversee the Controls Installation for a hyperscale data center build in the Eagle Mountain area. Trevor led project teams, maintaining close communication with stakeholders at all levels, from Owner and Project Managers to Engineers and End Users, to ensure their success. He played an integral role in every project, providing continuity from preconstruction to construction stages, all while prioritizing customer satisfaction. During his tenure, Trevor’s interest in the mission critical industry grew, particularly as he expanded Thermo’s Hyper Scale Datacenter customer base. Trevor’s dedication to his customers drives him to identify innovative mechanical, electrical, and factory testing techniques to minimize overhead while maintaining high-quality results.

Trevor’s career journey showcases his exceptional expertise and contributions to the mission critical industry, emphasizing his commitment to delivering excellence and driving growth for Thermo Systems. He is responsible for overseeing the construction and commissioning of multiple Data Center Program builds across the United States for Thermo Systems and leads several teams of over 40 project managers, engineers, and technicians. With an extensive background in Data Centers, Trevor has become an expert in the field and serves as an inspiration to future engineering leaders. When asked about his motivation, Trevor expressed his passion for training and mentoring the next generation of leaders while providing innovative automation solutions for clients. With nearly 22 years of experience at Thermo Systems, he remains dedicated to cultivating young talent.

Trevor takes his role in guiding young engineers seriously and offers valuable advice to newcomers. He suggests starting with a basic understanding of typical mission-critical areas and subsystems, including data hall/server floors, utility distribution, and the various mechanical and electrical components. Familiarizing oneself with these common data center areas and systems will serve as a foundation for deeper exploration into complex systems and critical areas during construction.

Involvement in 7×24 Exchange

Trevor recently became a member of 7×24 Exchange, attending his first conference this year. He recognizes the tremendous value of this organization, emphasizing the importance of global collaboration and considering 7×24 Exchange as an ideal platform for sharing perspectives and gaining insights from industry experts.

“I’m excited about the opportunity to collaborate with other industry leaders through my membership in 7×24 Exchange, with the goal of improving end-to-end reliability and participating in important discussions.”

-Trevor Blank