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Meet a Member – Aheli Purkayastha
Product Manager for Purkay Labs

Aheli Purkayastha

Aheli Purkayastha is the Product Manager for Purkay Labs, a leading portable environmental monitoring company. Aheli focuses on airflow management strategies and has been featured in Processor Magazine. With her team, she has launched three products used by over fifty Fortune 500 | Tier 3/4 facilities in the US, Canada, Europe and the Middle East.

Prior to joining Purkay Labs, Aheli worked with the UN Security Council. She spends her free time chairing Bryn Mawr College’s Young Alumnae/i association and volunteering as a Team Leader for the IRS’s VITA program for low-income families. Aheli currently serves as a Marketing and WiMCO committee member for 7×24 Exchange International and on the Advisory Committee for the New England 7×24 Chapter.

Joining the Mission Critical Industry

Back in 2012, my father, Indra Purkayastha – came to me with an idea. He had created a cost-effective, data-driven monitoring solution for data centers and wanted my help forming the company. The only problem – I had no idea what a data center was! I traded my job coordinating UN humanitarian missions in North Africa for learning about bypass airflow and energy efficiency best practices.

“…my favorite part of the 7×24 Exchange is the tradition of sharing knowledge and mentorship.”

-Aheli Purkayastha

I remember my first Mission Critical show – a 7×24 Exchange Fall conference out in Phoenix. I was worried that my lack of data center experience would stand out. Instead, I was warmly welcomed by a pool of experts and industry veterans eager to explain the nuances of the field. With every subsequent conference, I was able to develop a strong network of peers and mentors.

Five years later, my favorite part of the 7×24 Exchange is the tradition of sharing knowledge and mentorship. From the WiMCO Committee to the Mentoring Program, 7×24 takes an active role in recruiting and training individuals from diverse fields and backgrounds so they can enter into this fast-paced, ever-changing industry. I volunteer so that I can grow our 7×24 network, and ensure that we can continue to mentor qualified professionals to the highest possible standards.