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Meet a Member – Ross Rebraca
Vice President, HITT

Ross Rebraca

Ross Rebraca is a vice president at Virginia-headquartered HITT Contracting. He joined the firm in 2006, bringing more than 25 years of experience in the construction of data center and mission critical facilities, and helped to establish HITT’s Technology sector.

In addition to his position at HITT, he was recently named as the Washington, DC Chapter President. Rebraca, an active member of the chapter for more than 20 years, has served on various committees including Partnerships, Membership and Golf. He also served as executive vice president on the Board of Directors from 2014 to 2018.

How He Got Involved in Mission Critical Operations

“I’ve been in the Mission Critical arena since 1983 when I was hired by Emerson Electric as a Field Service Engineer on their AP-500 series UPS. I was always interested in electronics beginning with my early love of stereo equipment and listening to music LOUD. I was working on some Emerson UPS gear at an MCI Telecommunications site in the DC area when MCI offered me a job in their internal Technical Facilities group. When MCI imploded in 2000 I went to Lee Technologies. Anyone in the Washington DC/No Virginia area knows Lee Tech was a breeding ground for successful Mission Critical sales, technicians and engineers. I left in 2006 to join HITT Contracting and help start our Technology Sector which only builds Data Centers and Telecom Facilities.”

“I feel I’m very lucky to have been in the industry for so long and touching it from all the aspects of field service, sales, consulting and general contracting. I’ve seen the ups and downs in the industry from the early DotCom rise in the late 90’s, to the DotBomb bust in the early 2000’s, to the resurrection of the industry starting in 2005 and this unbelievable growth pattern we are in.”

Participation in 7×24 Exchange

“I’ve been a 7×24 Chapter member and on the Board of the DC Chapter since we reformed the Chapter in 2009. I was appointed as the President of the chapter in January of this year. I am extremely proud of our Chapter and I strive to make it the best chapter in the country. I feel it is only right since this is the Internet capital of the world, and certainly the US. We have more data centers here and more construction activity and growth in the Northern Virginia are than any other US Market. I look forward to improving the chapter with the help of our strong Board and the National 7×24 Organization. I also plan to reach out to other Chapters for their positive influence and lessons-learned.”

“I feel I’m very lucky to have been in the industry for so long and touching it from all the aspects of field service, sales, consulting and general contracting.”

-Ross Rebraca