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The leading knowledge exchange for Data Center, IT and Mission Critical professionals.

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7×24 Exchange International members come from a variety of diverse backgrounds, cultures, and organizations. They represent the very best in the Mission Critical Operations industry and we are proud to serve them.

Current Featured Member

Karen PetersburgKaren Petersburg is a Design Director at Digital Realty, leading cross-functional and intra-departmental teams that prioritizes sustainability and innovation within a standardized design environment. Primarily focused on the quality control of global designs and processes, she works with internal teams to positively impact the business’s overall objectives and goals. While most of her 17-year career has been in mission critical operations, she has held various roles within the design and construction space including sub-contracting, general contracting, commissioning, and design management. She is a frequent presenter at conferences and is a strong advocate for the future of our industry, be it workforce development, educating the public, supporting women and diversity, sustainability practices, or eradicating the digital divide.

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